About us

We're one of WA's largest business energy providers.

Over 15 years of empowering WA businesses


Perth Energy was founded in response to demand for competition in electricity supply.


Our 120MW Kwinana Swift Power Station commences commercial operation.


We are now the provider of choice for more than 2,500 businesses in Perth and WA.

Perth Energy is one of the largest business energy retailer with associated electricity generation for small, medium and large businesses in Western Australia.

Established over 17 years ago to provide WA businesses more choice, we are an independent electricity and gas retailer who has since been at the forefront of industry reform to bring competition and better value to businesses throughout the State.

We've built our business on competitive pricing, a culture of exemplary service, and doing what's best for the consumers in the market. In the time we've been around, we have set ourselves apart and have garnered a reputation for being highly responsive, our innovative approach, and for providing excellent customer service.

What powers us?

We believe in standing up for choice in the market, leading the way for everyone to have access to a competitive energy supply.

We’re transforming the way customers buy and sell energy, based on their individual needs. Our dedicated Energy Advisors are committed to helping our customers understand their energy use and empowering businesses with greater choice and savings. We don’t just sign you up and sit back. We continually look for ways to ensure that businesses are getting the best deal, because we believe transparency and knowledge is power.

Perth Energy is majority-owned and backed by Infratil Limited, a major energy and infrastructure group listed on the ASX and NZ stock exchanges.

Delivering safe and reliable power

We use the same networks and generators as all other WA retailers, ensuring the same reliable and sustainable electricity and gas supply for our customers. We source electricity from a variety of providers, including the state’s largest power stations. Western Energy, part of the Perth Energy Group, owns and operates the Kwinana Swift Power Station.

Completed in 2010, the Kwinana Swift Power Station is a 120 MW dual fuel, fast response Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) power plant in Kwinana. Operated and maintained by Western Energy, part of the Perth Energy Group, the power station delivers expanded capability to Perth Energy in meeting peak demands and contributes to the economical and reliable supply of power to our customers.

The plant has injected a capital investment of more than $130 million to the SWIS, and consists of four 30 MW gas turbines hooked to two common generators and operates as an open cycle peaking station that can be fired on either natural gas or ultra-low sulphur diesel or both. These units have a very fast start-up time, typically less than five minutes from standstill to full load. These add to the reliability of supply during high demand periods and improved security of supply during system emergencies or blackouts, by being able to switch between the two fuels on the fly.

Perth Energy currently supplies power to more than 2,500 businesses in Perth and across Western Australia, from large energy users such as hospitals, mines and mineral processing facilities, hotels, universities and research centers, to smaller use businesses including supermarkets and restaurants.

Energy's not just in our name

It's in the very DNA of our company. Perth Energy was created to be a future-thinker, game-changer, status quo-smasher that would champion the changes in the regulated energy industry to give consumers more choice and better service. Our founder, Ky Cao, was fundamental to the deregulation of the energy industry and is the founding member of committee groups that laid the groundwork. Led by a highly experienced and committed team, Perth Energy continues to champion change for the better in the local energy market and empower businesses in Perth and WA.

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We supply power to more than 2,500 businesses in Perth and across Western Australia.