Board of directors

Meet our board

We're led by a team of passionate and highly experienced professionals dedicated to the energy industry. As an independent energy retailer and generator, our Board of Directors are responsible for the governance of the organisation.


Steven Fitzgerald

Former CEO of Wellington Airport, Steven is also on the board of Perth Airport. Steven has significant experience across banking and utilities, having worked at Southern Hydro and Infratil owned airports in Europe and been with Morrison & Co, Infratil’s management company, for over a decade.

Non-Executive Director

Jon Biesse

Jon has extensive corporate and financial experience, specialising in the energy sector with experience across power generation, renewable energy, upstream oil & gas and oil & gas services. He currently serves as Director of Corporate Finance and Principal Investments and Advisory at Argonaut Limited.

Non-Executive Director

Roger Crawford

Roger has over 20 years' experience in the electricity industry in the areas of generation and transmission planning and operations. He currently serves as Chairman of Infratil Energy Australia at Infratil Limited, and as a Director of HRL Morrison & Co Limited and Lumo Generation SA Pty Ltd.