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Carbon Neutral is Perth Energy’s carbon offsetting option, certified by Climate Active. You can choose to add it onto any Perth Energy Electricity or Gas Agreement.

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All about Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral is Perth Energy’s carbon offsetting option, certified by Climate Active. You can choose to add it onto any Perth Energy Electricity or Gas Agreement.

In other words, while carbon emissions are produced by generating and delivering electricity to your business, we invest in projects to remove an equivalent amount to “offset” those emissions – so the overall impact is carbon neutral.

Image Credit - Carbon Conscious

How Carbon Offsetting Works

Sustainable Energy Options That Work For You

Everything we do has an impact on our planet – especially when it comes to business decisions. And whatever industry you’re in, you hold a lot of power to make a positive difference to our environment and our future.

A Sustainable Way Forward for Your Business

Using carbon neutral electricity or gas helps secure a bright future for all Australians.

We believe that Australia has the opportunity to be carbon neutral by 2050. We’ll play our part in achieving this and we have a target of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. By switching to more sustainable energy solutions, your business will be part of this transition.

To help your business make more sustainable energy choices, we’ve created an easy-to-use energy option available for businesses like yours: Carbon Neutral. We also have a range of energy solutions that may be suitable for your business and energy needs.

Using carbon neutral electricity or gas makes a statement to your customers.

Chances are, your customers are among the 79% of Australians who are worried about climate change (The Australia Institute “Polling, – Climate change concern” January 2020).

Going green with Perth Energy allows you to show your customers that your business is part of the solution.

Our Offsetting Projects

Not all carbon offset projects are the same. Initiatives can include reforestation and energy efficiency projects, capturing and destroying industrial gases and methane, and projects that help reduce emissions in agriculture, industry and homes.

Carbon offsets can range in quality and price. At Perth Energy, we only purchase eligible carbon offsets in Australia and overseas that meet the integrity requirements under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard, which is backed by the Australian Government. We also avoid any projects that drive deforestation, support palm oil or nuclear power, and we don’t use any offsets that date from before 2012.

We also aim to invest in projects associated with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – with all the social benefits that flow from that.

Here are the carbon offset projects that we invest in:

Carbon Conscious Carbon Capture Project 1

The 5,700ha of reforestation is, contained on 14 properties within the Central and Northern Agricultural Regions of Western Australia.

From 2009 to 2010 over 6,000,000 native species mallee trees were planted on land previously cleared for dryland cropping and grazing. Registration as a Carbon Farming Initiative Project included commitment to maintain the project forest for a minimum 100 years.

The Company’s property rights to sequestered carbon are enshrined by Carbon Rights and Tree Plantation Agreements, and the Project is registered to continue producing ACCUs until 2039.

Project Co-Benefits

The regions that contain the project areas are recognised as significantly over-cleared, and the reforestation is: providing protective habitat for native flora and fauna; reducing wind and water erosion; in some cases reducing soil salinity; and some cases providing a useful environment for sheep and honey bees.

Image Credit - Carbon Conscious

Burn Stoves Project, Kenya

In rural Kenya, families usually cook with wood and charcoal-fuelled stoves. The Burn Stove Project manufactures and distributes an alternative stove that reduces fuel consumption as well as cooking time – minimising carbon emissions and reducing the pressures on local forests, as well as the fuel cost borne by families.

At the same time, the project employs over 200 people locally, helping drive economic opportunities for women in particular.

Image Credit – Climate Care

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