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Renewable Energy BuyBack

Renewable Energy Buyback

Sale and purchase of Surplus Electricity generated from Onsite Generation (renewable source)


For our business customers who have installed or are considering installing renewable energy generation at their site, then subject to the terms of our agreement with you, Perth Energy will pay for surplus electricity transferred into the Western Power network at the rate and during periods when Perth Energy is offering a Renewable Energy Buyback Price*.


The current Renewable Energy Buyback Price for customers who have agreed with us in relation to the purchase of their surplus electricity transferred into the Western Power network is:


Prices (excluding GST)
Peak Period 0.05 cents/kWh
Off-peak Period 0.05 cents/kWh

*The detail of any entitlement to the Renewable Energy Buyback Price will be contained in the relevant “Special Conditions” of your Electricity Supply Agreement with us. If you are not yet a customer of Perth Energy, please raise this with us at the time of your application for electricity supply.
Whether or not we will agree to offer, continue to pay, or pay any particular Renewable Energy Buyback Price for any surplus electricity from a renewable source may change from time to time. It will depend upon a number of factors, including:
  • your compliance with Western Power's technical requirements for connection of renewable source electricity to the Western Power network;
  • the price that Perth Energy is able to obtain for on-sale of surplus electricity in the Wholesale Electricity Market and the cost to Perth Energy of making any such on-sale; and
  • the relative amount of surplus electricity which is to be made available when compared with the amount of electricity purchased from Perth Energy.
Perth Energy reserves the right to update, change or replace the rates at any time by posting updates and/or changes to our website.


Historic Rates


Please refer to the below table for historic Renewable Energy Buyback rates. For more information, please contact your Account Manager or the Business Sales team at (08) 9420 0316.


For the period

Prices (excluding GST)

Jan 2015 - Sep 2017

Peak Period: 5.50 c/kWh
Off-peak Period: 2.50 c/kWh