FAQ Category: Solar

How do I get started?

It’s simple! To find out if solar is a good energy solution for your business, simply request a free quote for solar and we will: – Assess and analyse your business requirements and energy usage patterns – Conduct a site visit and prepare a proposal – Submit all the necessary applications on your behalf – […]

Is solar the right choice for my business?

Solar is a viable and excellent green energy solution for businesses in Perth and WA. Regardless of whether you are a AGL | Perth Energy customer, we are able to assist with your solar requirements. The question is often what is the best solution and set up for your business. Our Energy Advisors will assess […]

What is the cost of installing solar?

The costs of installing solar systems vary depending on business requirements and location. Our Energy Advisors will be able to assess and analyse your business needs and energy usage patterns, and provide quotes for your specific site at no cost. In addition, financial arrangements are available for solar installations. Options include purchasing the system outright, […]